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Premier ADL3400

The ADL3400 is a solid-state digital recorder and playback device that has a built-in tape player which combines music and messages from pre-recorded tapes into the digital memory. Music can be updated in the future by simply inserting a new music tape.


The SM1000 is a 100% digital Smart Media player used for Information on Hold. Up to 16 minutes of memory or four 4-minute productions (approx. 28 messages) can be stored on the Smart Media flash card for future playback. Fresh, messages can be downloaded by simply inserting a new Smart Media card.

USB 1100

The USB 1100 is a digital digital message unit designed for continuous audio playback.  Audio is stored on a removable USB flash drive and plugged into the USB hub on th unit.  The loading of the audio is easily done by "dragging and dropping" mp3 files without the use of special software.  Audio files can now be emailed to clients without the need to mail or ship physical media.


CDL 3800

The CDL3800 advanced slot load CD drive downloads audio flies from a standard audio CD to digital flash memory.  You can select up to 16 audio tracks to be downloaded and stored onto the flash memory.  This will ensure the audio production is retained regardless of a power outage.  

RUF 2700

This unit is a solid state, remote download, digital recorder that stores audio productions for information on-hold. New message updates and music changes can be downloaded directly from the recording studio into the digital player the same day the new production is recorded. This eliminates the delay in mailing cassettes or cd's and management or an employee having to physically change the cassette or cd in the player.

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