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Copywriter - The first step in creating your customized Message On Hold program is developing your script. One of our creative copywriters will research your organization in order to create a clear and concise program. Once the script is completed, it is faxed or emailed to you for any changes you deem fit. Upon final approval, your copywriter will discuss our music categories and help you choose one to complement your Message On Hold program.

Voice Talent - Our professional voice talents specialize in Message On Hold productions. They understand the frequency limitations of telephone systems, and realize the uniqueness of this format. Unlike radio or television, Message On Hold is a style unto itself and demands an approach which we have perfected. This professionalism guarantees a spokesperson that will deliver your message clearly and effectively.

Engineering - Now comes the mixing of voice and music. Because telephone systems cannot reproduce all the frequencies of a hi-fidelity production, our recording studios have been designed specifically for Message On Hold productions. Only equipment that maximizes the limited frequency characteristics of telephone systems is used; guaranteeing a smooth and clean mix that your callers are going to enjoy listening to.

Shipping - Finally, everything is packaged up and sent out to you. We can rapidly process equipment productions and guarantee replacement within 24 hours if something should ever go wrong with your unit.

It all sounds great... but what about pricing you ask... just click here Get a quote if you would like a quote for your office or business. The savings will be well worth the effort, plus you'll receive a special discount if your order is placed within 5 days of your quote!

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